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Upcoming Event

Fall 2023


Venue: Wallace

Sun 15th Oct 

Our team at Divan started this journey with a purpose of bringing entrepreneurs, artists and designers of different communities and cultures together.
Behind every Divan event, is a team of four young business minded women with a background in marketing, event planning, and fashion.

Divan Team

Our first Spring trunk show was a resounding success, surpassing all our expectations. The event was a celebration of Spring, new beginnings, and Persian New Year, and we had a stunning cherry blossom theme that created a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. To add to the beauty of the event, we had two girls wearing flower dresses, who welcomed guests with their charming presence. We also had a Haft Sin decoration, which was a beautiful representation of the seven pillars of life and symbolized hope, love, and prosperity for the new year. The event featured over 30 designer artists and entrepreneurs, who showcased their unique pieces and contributed to the vibrant and eclectic energy of the event. We also had the best DJ in town, who kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. Our event planning was the new standard in Canada, and we were thrilled to have received support from various Canadian government officials who visited us. The event was a huge success, with over 10,000 people visiting us and celebrating the beauty of Spring and the Persian New Year with us

We hosted a stunning summer trunk show that was a feast for the senses. The event was held in a beautiful venue with colorful flowers, and bright, summery colors that set the stage for a stylish and chic experience. Some of the best designers in the industry presented their unique pieces, showcasing the latest trends in fashion. But the show wasn't just about fashion. We also had a performance by the Anahita Group of Arts and Culture, which added a special touch of elegance and grace to the event. The group's dancers performed a beautiful routine that perfectly complemented the fashion designs on the runway. The combination of fashion and culture made for an unforgettable summer trunk show that left our guests in awe. The event was a true celebration of beauty, creativity, and style.

Our spring event was a mesmerizing tapestry of music, art, and stunning creativity that unfolded in a delightful array of experiences for all who attended. The air was filled with the melodies of a talented musician band, the rhythmic beats of our skilled DJs, the soulful tunes of a piano player and singer, and the mesmerizing melodies of a truly gifted saxophone player.

As you entered the venue, you were greeted by a breathtaking display of floral arrangements and decorations. Beautifully crafted flowers adorned every corner, creating an immersive and enchanting atmosphere. The scent of blossoms filled the air, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to the event. The musician band delighted attendees with their harmonies and rhythm, creating an uplifting and energetic atmosphere. The DJs curated a seamless blend of beats, infusing the air with an infectious energy that had everyone dancing with joy and abandon. The piano player and singer serenaded the audience with soulful melodies, their voices filling the room and touching the hearts of all who listened.


Recent Events

"This was our first participating in the Divan events and we were so happy with how the event turned out“

NIMANY was very happy with the way Divan event was produced and looks forward to have more partnership and collaboration with the organizers.

“I can't say enough amazing things about my experience with Divan events and their lovely team. “

“Working with Divan Team was an amazing experience. They went the Extra mile to ensure the event was fun and memorable.“

My first participation in Divan Event has been a wonderful experience. They are professional, encouraging and approachable. What I enjoyed the most was seeing them trying their best to create ground field opportunities.

The Divan group, with excellent planning, was able to hold a very successful fashion event with the presence of Iranian artists. Everything from the choice of location to the arrangement of the booths, flower arrangements, live music, good reception and excellent DJ was outstanding. 

We sincerely thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into organizing the spring event. The event was a resounding success, and we know it was all due to your dedication and attention to detail.

Thank you again for all your hard work and for making the Divan event a wonderful experience.

It was my second time participating at divan, our experience was amazing.Event was very fun, lots of amazing entertainment, and professionally planned.Great advertising before and during the event. I will definitely be there for their next event.

Many thanks to the Divan group, each and every dear one who was a partner in the implementation of this great work. I participated in the Divan event from Toronto. Despite all the difficulties I had.  A friendly and sincere atmosphere that has provided the opportunity to introduce small businesses in the best way.

What an amazing experience to be able to display our collections to such amazing visitors and connect to other like minded designers & vendors.

Everything was thoroughly planned and well organized. Thanks to the team for the wonderful coordination. 

Can’t wait for the next part 

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