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Our first Spring trunk show was a resounding success, surpassing all our expectations. The event was a celebration of Spring, new beginnings, and Persian New Year, and we had a stunning cherry blossom theme that created a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. To add to the beauty of the event, we had two girls wearing flower dresses, who welcomed guests with their charming presence. We also had a Haft Sin decoration, which was a beautiful representation of the seven pillars of life and symbolized hope, love, and prosperity for the new year. The event featured over 30 designer artists and entrepreneurs, who showcased their unique pieces and contributed to the vibrant and eclectic energy of the event. We also had the best DJ in town, who kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. Our event planning was the new standard in Canada, and we were thrilled to have received support from various Canadian government officials who visited us. The event was a huge success, with over 10,000 people visiting us and celebrating the beauty of Spring and the Persian New Year with us

We hosted a stunning summer trunk show that was a feast for the senses. The event was held in a beautiful venue with colorful flowers, and bright, summery colors that set the stage for a stylish and chic experience. Some of the best designers in the industry presented their unique pieces, showcasing the latest trends in fashion. But the show wasn't just about fashion. We also had a performance by the Anahita Group of Arts and Culture, which added a special touch of elegance and grace to the event. The group's dancers performed a beautiful routine that perfectly complemented the fashion designs on the runway. The combination of fashion and culture made for an unforgettable summer trunk show that left our guests in awe. The event was a true celebration of beauty, creativity, and style.

Spring 2023

Famous….Face painters, singers, musicians and DJs will create an everlasting memory for our participants at our Divan April 2023 event. With yet another stunning venue at the heart of Vancouver , the Heritage Hall, located on the Main Street, will captivate the hearts of our customers, as they enjoy shopping and socializing with one another. As a reminder, Divan Events is open to general public and is completely free to attend. Come to support and empower small businesses and local artists on April….

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